Electric Motor Repair & Pump Repair / Rewind
Servo Motor Repair & Testing in the Northeast & United States
DC Motor Repair & Rewind in the Northeast & United States
AC Motor Repair & Rewinding in the Northeast & United States
Electric Pump Repair & Rewind - ITT Flygt Pumps & Mixers
Machine Shop Services for Electric Motors
The rebuilding of electric pumps is a customized trade in and of itself. We can rebuild all kinds from submersibles to circulators to positive displacement style pumps including ITT Flygt pumps and mixers. Our trained professionals can machine/rebuild all wearable parts.  
Weiman Circulator Steam Pump Repair
Weiman circulator steam pump to supply steam for a corrigator plant.
Fairbanks Morse Water Cooled Submersible Pump Repair
Fairbanks Morse water cooled submersible pump 


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Servicing the Northeast and entire United States including Connecticut (CT)
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