Electric Motor Repair & Pump Repair / Rewind
Servo Motor Repair & Testing in the Northeast & United States
DC Motor Repair & Rewind in the Northeast & United States
AC Motor Repair & Rewinding in the Northeast & United States
Electric Pump Repair & Rewind - ITT Flygt Pumps & Mixers
Machine Shop Services for Electric Motors
Accuwind specializes in DC motor repair, rewind and overhaul for industry. DC (Direct Current) motors are used in a vast array of manufacturing applications where high torque and variable speeds are needed. We have full capabilities to rewind armatures, mush or form coil windings for these electric DC motors.
DC Motor Repair & Armature Rewinding

Mush wound DC Armature.


DC Motor Repair & Form Coil Armature Rewind

Form coil D.C. armature rewind


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