Electric Motor Repair & Pump Repair / Rewind
Servo Motor Repair & Testing in the Northeast & United States
DC Motor Repair & Rewind in the Northeast & United States
AC Motor Repair & Rewinding in the Northeast & United States
Electric Pump Repair & Rewind - ITT Flygt Pumps & Mixers
Machine Shop Services for Electric Motors
Our machine shop is equipped to repair or replace any worn or broken part in an electric motor or pump to ensure prompt turnaround time and to maintain our high quality standards. The Accuwind facilities include technology to provide milling, surface grinding and welding services in-house. We have the ability to work from prints and solicit contract work which utilizes our expertise and machine equipment.
Bore out I.D. of A.C. motor housing for larger lamination plates.
Double Axis adjustable stand for laser eye to mount on for a wire drawing production line.



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Servicing the Northeast and entire United States including Connecticut (CT)
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